The 5 stages of Divorce Process

There are 5 typical emotional states people go through during the divorce process. They are usually known as the 5 stages of divorce. They also commonly are referred to as the stages of depression. They also vary depending on your situation. The thing to remember is that everyone goes through them in varying degrees and for different reasons.



If you file for divorce in Seattle, the paperwork and proceedings will likely follow a predictable path. The major thing to remember is that all of the paperwork and court appearances will happen in the same town. Most likely, it will take place in the county where you live.


Once you have filed for divorce in Seattle, there are several avenues that may be available to you. One of them is what is known as an uncontested divorce process where both parties agree to the terms of the divorce and enter into a settlement agreement. You can file for this with the Seattle courts. If one spouse has filed for bankruptcy, this will prevent the other spouse from gaining any financial possessions through the divorce process as it will go to a new judge.


It can also be possible to file for a summary divorce. This happens when one spouse files for divorce but does not want to go through all of the legal proceedings. A summary divorce allows both spouses to peacefully separate from each other without filing a Divorce petition. You can file for this by filing a simple divorce petition. If one spouse is seeking custody of the children, the state laws regarding child support will dictate if and when you must file for custody.


If a divorce process does not work out, or one spouse does not want to go through a full blown divorce process, there is another method of getting divorced in Seattle called a mediation. Mediation usually occurs after a divorce trial. If one or both parties can’t agree on parenting issues, child custody, visitation rights, or any other matter, a mediator can help to mediate a resolution. Mediation usually happens at the request of the divorcing couple and can last up to one week.


The above methods are just some of the ways that you can go about filing for a divorce in Seattle. There are many more. If you do decide to file a divorce, you will want to hire a qualified Seattle divorce lawyer to represent you. You can search online to find one in Seattle who can give you good advice about how to file for an uncontested divorce in Seattle.

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